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It is not similar to any other fruit; it is unique and tasty. Visit Montenegro to see how it grows and to pick it right from the trees!


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This fruit usually grows in the central and southern parts of Montenegro—​around Skadar Lake, along the Adriatic coast, and in other places. However, the most famous place is the town of Bar, which is well-known for its fruit. Cultivated pomegranates are usually tastier and sweeter than wild ones, so just keep this fact in mind. The best time for pomegranate is from October to November, but fruit still grows even during early winter if they were not picked. One more thing which may catch your attention is how pomegranate trees blossom. Their bright orange appearance is amazing! Pomegranate seeds are very juicy, so you can not only eat them (which is a big pleasure, by the way) but drink pomegranate juice as well. This beverage is very popular among locals ​since it is truly tasty and good for one's health. Pomegranates contain a lot of vitamin C, so they are wonderful antioxidants and can be great in preventing colds.

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