Best season to travel to Goa


This tasty fruit is very nutricious and healthy

Best time: June–July


These purple berries are native to India. The season for jamun in Goa is summer. Jamun berries are a good source of iron and helpful for treating heart and liver diseases as well as diabetes, and are widely used for such in India. Flowering runs from March to April, while the fruit ripens during June-July. During the growing and ripening process the berries change colour from green to deep red and finally purple. The fully ripe berries are harvested every day by hand picking or by shaking the branches and collecting the berries on a polythene sheet. They can only be stored for no more than 2 days. You can find fresh jamun in markets sold on green leaves or pieces of newspaper. Jamun berries are mostly used for desserts, but also to make jelly, vinigar, and cider. Interestingly, this fruit is often eaten with salt. Jamun squash is a great refreshing drink in the summer. It is also used in Goa for preparing a special local wine.

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