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Crocodile Watching

Overcome your childhood fears and check out these giant reptiles up close


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Visiting Goa, you can enjoy the beauty of jungles and observe the diversity of birds and other animals. Crocodile watching isn't any less popular than birdwatching. India is known to have three types of crocodiles: Mugger, Gharial, and Estuarine. Muggers usually grow to a size of around 4 meters, Gharial up to 6 meters long, and the largest at 7 meters—Estuarin Crocodiles. The first two live in fresh water, while the third one can live in salt water.

While in Goa you will mainly find Muggers, some of them are even accustomed to the salty waters of the Cumbharjua canal which is considered the best place for spotting crocodiles. You can find them lying in the sun and warming their bodies. They are mainly peaceful and used to the presence of people, thus you don't need to worry too much. Just keep calm and don't make quick moves. Aside from the Cumbarjua Canal, another place to check out crocodiles in Goa is the Opa River. The best season for spotting these amazing creatures is from October till May. The mating season is the most popular among tourists, as you can see some of mating rituals like jaw slapping, blowing water bubbles, etc. This season lasts from November till February. There is also a special day dedicated to crocodiles, as the community of the nearby village consider crocodiles to be their guardian spirit. The Durbhatwadi village people worship these creatures during an annual event called the “Mangee Thapnee” festival, which takes place in January.

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