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Lizards of Sa Dragonera

This attraction is only for those who don't have reptiles on their list of personal phobias


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Near the western coast of Mallorca lies a sleeping dragon who pretends to be an island. He hasn't moved for centuries, but his inhabitants are very fast moving and energetic.

The island of Sa Dragonera is about six kilometers long and the only facilities it has is a lonely lighthouse and an abandoned farm with terraces. Nevertheless, its four walking routes are in good condition and very easy to follow. The island is very interesting to visit for fans of reptiles.

Hundreds of lizards live there and it is impossible to miss them sunbathing on the rocky surfaces. Small and middle-sized, green and grey reptiles are a key attraction of Sa Dragonera. In addition, it is possible to see some nesting birds and dancing dolphins in the nearby sea.

The right time to meet the lizards of the island is during summer when you can take a boat from Sant Elm or the nearest port.

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