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Croc Cage Diving

The snapping jaws and gnarly teeth just a few centimetres from your face—this personal encounter is to become a memorable experience

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Cango Wildlife Ranch is the first and so far the only place in the world where you can dive with a prehistoric cold-blooded and much-feared amphibia—a Nile crocodile, or rather a couple of them. The water in the pool is clear enough for you to be able to count all the gnarly teeth.

The experience is unique and perhaps also a bit humiliating at times. Even though you dive in a bite-proof cage attached to the crane, you may still not feel 100% safe while watching jaws snap right in front of your eyes. It must be not a mere coincidence that all these crocs are named after world's most notorious serial killers. IIt's impossible not to feel intimidated by these four-meter-long creatures. Still in reality, there's little to nothing to fear about, as local staff take a good care of the crocodiles, and the animals are always fed before diving takes place, so you won't meet any hungry amphibia.

You'll receive a photo witness of your brave deed, so everybody will instantly believe you really did that. Besides, you can take your own camera or buy one sold at the ranch. So up your guts and enjoy the thrills.

Though Cango Wildlife Ranch operates year-round, crocodile cage diving is a seasonal activity due to winter coma spread among crocs. During cooler months the amphibias don't demonstrate any activity but rather lay around all day long. They are the most active during warm season—October to March. To dive alone you have to be 14 years old, but 8-years old may also enjoy the adventure provided that they are accompanied by their parent.

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