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The Army of Ducks

January–March  • activity

If you think ducks can't work in the wine-making business, visit South Africa and see for yourself

Playful Penguins Watching

December–February  • nature

Penguins love to hang out on the Boulders beach a lot, but in summer they are exceptionally playful

Safari in the Cape Town Vicinity

November–February  • nature

The best known safari destination is Kruger National Park, but if you are short of time, you might also enjoy exploring the parks and reserves not too far from Cape Town


November–March  • activity

Sandboarding provides you with a perfect mixture of sun and fun, and makes you look at the traditionally winter sports in a summerly way

Diving with the White Sharks

October–May  • activity

If you are brave enough, diving with sharks may not seem such an insane idea!

Perfect Kitesufring

October–March  • activity

Ideal timing for kitesurfing!

Kaapse Klopse

January 02 • event

The post-New Year celebration of the original value is a traditionally big event for Cape Town

Seal Snorkeling

September–May • nature

One of the cutest experiences you can get in Cape Town that will provide a lot of positive vibes

Mopane Worms

late December–January • food

Try the traditional delicacy of South Africa

Roasted Termites

November–January • food

Close your eyes and you'll think you're eating pretzels or popcorn


December–February  • activity

With its corals, kelp beds, caves, seals and a plentitude of fish, diving in Cape Town will definitely leave the unforgettable impressions and memories

Beach Season

November–March  • activity

The dry season is generally regarded as the best season if you fancy a swim and a beach leisure

Smiley, a Sheep's Head

all year round • food

A plate of sheep's head with a grotesque grin is an element of traditional cuisine

Num-Num (Carissa)

January–February • food

A wild vitamin-rich treat of the South African summer



April 29–May 05, 2019 • event

Join the art community for an unforgettable annual meeting and be prepared to find the new worlds!

Land-Based Whale Watching

July–November  • nature

South Africa is one of the few places in the world where whales can be seen from the shore

Cape Town International Jazz Festival

March 23–24, 2018 • event

Star-studded lineup and high attendance make it number one music event in sub-Saharan Africa

Wine Harvest Festivities

February–March  • event

Wherever you are during the wine harvest time, there must be a festival there!

Ultra South Africa

March 01–02, 2019 • event

You don't have to be in Miami to feel the vibes of the world's best electronic music festival—it has already reached South Africa

Rocking the Daisies

October 05–07, 2018 • event

An open-air music party is the best way to kick off the South African summer season

Red Sunsets

March–May | September–November • nature

The South African sunset is a colourful riot of blood-red, pink, gold, and auburn

Wild Flowers in Bloom

mid-August–late October • nature

The Cape Floral Kingdom might be the smallest in the world, but it is definitely the richest. Witness the magical spring blooming season yourself

The Bloom of Fynbos

September–early November • nature

One of the smallest floral kingdom and endemic species for South Africa's Western Cape province, fynbos, paints the world red in spring

Rock Climbing

April–October • activity

South Africa offers the best rock climbing in the entire African continent, with some spots being among the best in the world

Table Mountain Hiking

March–May | September–November (all year round) • activity

Reach the flat peak to have a look at the beautiful city panorama through the cloudy tablecloth

Sanlam Cape Town Marathon

September 23, 2018 • event

The iconic Mother City of South Africa showcases the continent's remarkable athletic talent

Surfing the Big Wave

June–August  • activity

Cape Town – the greatest place for surfing all year round. However, if you are an experienced surfer winter might be your best choice