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Kaapse Klopse 2019

The post-New Year celebration of the original value is a traditionally big event for Cape Town

Kaapse Klopse in Cape Town - Best Time
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During the Colonial times, the slaves used to have only one day for rest - 2nd of January. This was a time when their masters relaxed and slept after the New Year's deboshery partying. This celebration at that time included a lot of dancing and singing and can be compared to the Rio De Janeiro carnival. Today it is still widely celebrated not only as a continuation of the New Year's celebration, but also a day that marks liberation of the slaves. The bright colourful costumes and the amazing dances, - all looks like 50-60 theatrical shows are happening at the same moment. Come join the plentitude of fun and color and nevermind the huge amounts of people!

Kaapse Klopse in Cape Town - Best Season
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