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Seal Snorkeling in Cape Town

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Seal Snorkeling

Generally, it is a good idea to go snorkeling with seals anytime from September to May. The experience is particularly enjoyable in summer when the water is warmer than usual, that's in December and February. For a bigger portion of cuteness, consider going between mid-March and April—that's when little seal pups have just learnt to swim and play in the water. In June to August, seal snorkeling trips are not available due to unfavourable ocean and wind conditions.

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When is a good time to engage in seal observations off the Cape Town coast?

Snorkeling with seals is popular in Cape Town between September and May. December to February is an especially suitable period due to warmer water temperatures. For a cuter sight, mid-March to April is ideal, as it's the period when baby seals learn how to swim and play in the water. The season from June to August, characterized by unfavorable wind and ocean conditions, typically doesn't offer the opportunity for seal snorkeling. Show more

What tour providers organize seal snorkeling off Cape Town?

Several operators arrange Cape Town snorkeling tours. Among them are Animal Ocean, Cape Town Bucket List Adventures, and Apex Shark Expeditions. The majority of these tours begin in Hout Bay, with some offering pick-up from your lodgings. It's important to book your trip in advance to secure your space. Show more

What gear should you have when going snorkeling with seals?

The tour operator usually supplies snorkeling gear, such as wetsuits, masks, snorkels, and fins. You should bring items for the post-tour session, such as a towel, sunscreen, and warm clothing. Confirm with the operator whether they provide refreshments or snacks on the tour. Show more

What is the depth of the water for seal snorkeling, and where can the seals be found?

Seal observations occur in relatively shallow waters, about 5 to 10 meters deep, on Cape Town snorkeling tours. The waters are generally calm, and even novices can enjoy the experience. Tour guides offer guidance on how to use gear and approach the seals when snorkeling. Show more

Are seal snorkeling tours open to children?

Tour providers generally accept children for snorkeling with seals. You should consult the provider to make sure they correspond to minimum age and skill requirements. Some tours may have height or age restrictions, while some younger children may require adult supervision. Ensure that children are confident in water and equipped accordingly. Show more

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