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Best time to visit Dominican Republic

Diving and Snorkeling

Coral reefs around the coast have caused many shipwrecks, which can now be seen up close


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The Dominican Republic seems to be a paradise for divers. Surrounded by the Atlantic ocean and the Caribbean sea, it has multiple possibilities for watersports. Both beginners and professionals can immerse themselves into the spectacular underwater world all year long.

Diving in the Dominican Republic is unlike anywhere else. First of all, this is due to the vast number of sunken ships and shipwrecks scattered along the coasts. You can dive close to each of them and sometimes even check them inside. The Atlantic Princess, Monte Cristi, Las Galeras are just a shortlist of possible destinations for a shipwreck hunt. But if you want to see even more, Igneri Caribe Taino Underwater Museum in Punta Cana presents sculptures inspired by the culture of ingenious Taino. Swimming in such a museum is an incredible adventure.

To enjoy the fauna, travel to Pedernales to spot baby hawksbill turtles in their natural habitat. Or visit Samaná Bay during the dry season to see Humpback whales. The most spectacular of the corals are in Boca Chica near Santo Domingo.

Both diving and snorkeling are available year long. But the water remains more transparent during the summer months.

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