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Diving with Sharks in Hawaii

An extreme Hawaii experience and a great photo opportunity

Best time: April–September

Diving with Sharks
Diving with Sharks
Shark Cage Dive, Haleiwa, Hawaii
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Ten minutes in the cage among sharks might be the one experience that you remember most vividly from your Hawaii vacation. There are plenty of companies that offer this service on all islands. You are put underwater in a metal shark cage, and you will be immediately surrounded by these dangerous and beautiful ocean creatures.

In fact, the sharks usually are not aggressive, they are just curious and attracted to the boat. However, it is still a pretty scary adventure. Diving with sharks can be done at any time. However, in summer, ​it's better because there are fewer waves and the ocean is calmer. If waves are too big, the dive could be canceled for safety reasons.

Practical info

When is the best time to go diving with sharks in Hawaii?

To experience the best of diving with sharks, plan your trip between April and September. The calmer surf and fewer waves reduce the chances of the dive being canceled. The visibility is also better, and the water is warmer in the summer. You can, however, dive with sharks all year round in Hawaii. Show more

Is it safe to go shark diving in Hawaii?

Although sharks are predators, and it may seem risky to go diving with them, they rarely attack humans. The dive companies provide sufficient safety measures to guarantee a safe dive. Following the guidelines given by your dive master is crucial, and sudden movements and loud sounds must be avoided. Maintenance of equipment is also necessary to prevent accidents, making shark diving a safe activity in Hawaii. Show more

Which companies offer shark diving in Honolulu?

Several companies offer shark diving around Honolulu, including North Shore Shark Adventures, Hawaii Shark Encounters, and One Ocean Diving. These companies provide diverse shark diving experiences, from caged diving to free diving with sharks. Bookings fill up fast, especially during peak seasons, so remember always to reserve early to avoid missing an adventure. Show more

What is the cost of shark diving in Hawaii?

Each company and diving experience determine the cost of shark diving in Hawaii. A basic caged diving experience usually ranges between $100 to $200, covering equipment, boat rides, and snacks. Additional services like underwater photography and free diving attract a higher cost. It is always wise to inquire about the services included in a package before choosing your preferred company. Show more

What equipment is necessary for shark diving in Hawaii?

Diving with sharks in Hawaii requires a wetsuit, diving boots, snorkel mask, fins, and a weight belt. The cage dive companies usually offer safety equipment like steel cages and breathing apparatus. For hygiene, it's better to have your equipment and not rely solely on the availability of rental gear. Free diving with sharks demands more advanced equipment and experience in diving. Show more

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