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Scuba Diving in India

Leave your everyday routine and lose yourself in a sea full of exotic underwater beauty

Scuba Diving

Challenge yourself and dive deeper not only into the sea but into your being. India is full of amazing scuba diving places. Try it in Kovalam, Kerala between December and January. Dancing coral, wide-branching palms, and turquoise blue waters make India a tranquil place, away from the discordance of urban life.

Pondicherry (Puducherry) offers a mix of modern heritage and spiritual culture, so it is the ideal place to attain peace and self-enlightenment. The city is unbelievably teeming with diving sites full of underwater creatures such as sea snakes, moray eels, parrot fish, and much more. Although diving is available here all year, the best seasons are January through June and then September through November.

And now Lakshadweep. A true pearl, even in India! Its beauty shines from a silent distance. Away from the tourist rush, it keeps the world’s most precious diving sites, marine life, and ideal visibility. So don't miss a perfect time to dive from May through November!

Practical info

When is the best time to try scuba diving in Kovalam, Kerala?

To experience the best scuba diving in Kovalam, you should plan your trip between December to January. This is the peak diving season, with pleasant weather and excellent underwater visibility. Visitors must book their diving sessions in advance because of high demand. Additionally, January provides the opportunity to participate in the yearly Kovalam Beach Festival and explore the vibrant local culture. Show more

What kind of marine life can we expect to see while scuba diving in Pondicherry?

Scuba diving in Pondicherry offers the opportunity to explore the underwater world and view an array of marine life. The location boasts various sea creatures such as angelfish, moray eels, lobster, barracudas, manta rays, lionfish, and comprehensive coral reefs. Moreover, divers may encounter Nudibranchs during their dive. Pondicherry is considered one of the best locations for macro photography due to its flourishing and well-preserved ecosystem. Show more

Where is Lakshadweep located, and what makes it an ideal place for scuba diving?

Lakshadweep, a group of 36 islands in the Arabian Sea, is an Indian Union Territory located off the coast of Kerala. The crystal-clear waters and gorgeous coral reefs make Lakshadweep an excellent destination for an unforgettable scuba diving experience. The diving season runs from May to November, and divers can explore an abundance of marine life, including green turtles, octopuses, and reef sharks. The underwater visibility throughout the season is excellent. Show more

Can beginners try scuba diving in India, or is it only for experienced divers?

Both beginners and experienced divers can enjoy scuba diving in India. Almost all diving schools provide experience sessions allowing first-timers to become familiar with the equipment and safety protocols. Divers who desire to learn and obtain certification can enroll in PADI courses obtainable in several diving schools in India. These courses provide training that enables divers to receive accreditation upon successful completion of the program. Show more

Are there any particular safety measures to follow while scuba diving in India's underwater sites?

Divers must observe certain safety guidelines to ensure a fantastic and secure dive experience in India. Scuba diving requires certification, so divers need to obtain appropriate training. Never hold your breath when ascending to the surface, as it can cause decompression sickness. Further, divers must not touch or damage plants or creatures to avoid disrupting the underwater ecosystem. Finally, divers should never dive while intoxicated as it poses a risk to safety. Show more

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