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Diving the North East Coast in Sri Lanka

Warm waters of Indian ocean promise incredible diving

Diving the North East Coast
Diving the North East Coast
Diving the North East Coast

Diving in Sri Lanka depends on monsoon. May to October is a good period to dive along the east coast. Such areas as Trincomalee and Pasikudah offer beautiful spots and underwater treasures to see on your way. You can also check out the Pigeon Island, which is a perfect spot for diving both for beginners and professionals.

Near Batticaloa, divers can see an interesting World War II ship. HMS Hermes. The was one of the world’s first aircraft carriers. In 1942 it sank near the eastern coast of Sri Lanka. Not far from it there is British Sergeant, another WWII wreck popular with divers.

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What is the ideal time to visit the North East coast of Sri Lanka for diving?

From May to October, the North East coast of Sri Lanka offers the best conditions for diving. During this period, the water is warm, and the weather is dry, which is perfect for exploration. However, the northeast coast should be avoided from November to April due to the adverse weather conditions caused by the monsoons. Tourists visiting Sri Lanka during the diving season can enjoy underwater exploration in Trincomalee and Pasikudah. Show more

Which are the top diving locations in the North East coast of Sri Lanka, and what are their specialties?

Sri Lanka's North East coast is a great location for diving, with Trincomalee and Pasikudah being the top spots for this adventure. Trincomalee, known as 'deep sea heaven', provides tourists with opportunities to see whales during August and September. The serene diving spots in Pasikudah offer a perfect experience for beginners. Tourists can expect to encounter unique marine creatures, including whale sharks, turtles, and manta rays, and explore miles of exotic marine life. Show more

What are some marine creatures that divers can see in Sri Lanka?

Diving in Sri Lanka provides the opportunity to witness diverse marine species, including whale sharks, various turtles, and manta rays. Tourists can also witness unique fish species native to Sri Lanka and HMS Hermes, a wreck that dates back to the Second World War. Besides, divers can come across a range of marine life while exploring the underwater world of Sri Lanka. Show more

Where is HMS Hermes wreck located, and why is it so famous among divers?

Batticaloa, a place on the eastern coast of Sri Lanka, is where HMS Hermes's wreck can be found. HMS Hermes is one of the best-known sites for diving enthusiasts, offering a unique glimpse into history and the surrounding marine life. The world's first-ever aircraft carrier, sunk during World War II, attracts tourists from across the world to the east coast of Sri Lanka to dive and explore the remnants of this iconic warship. Show more

Are there any other shipwreck sites near Batticaloa that attract divers, and which ships have sunk there?

Another popular shipwreck site near Batticaloa is the British Sergeant, sunk during World War II. Alongside this wreck, the Passara, a British cargo vessel, sunk in 1848, is a popular site for divers. These two wrecks, combined with HMS Hermes, offer exciting diving experiences for avid divers. Visitors to Batticaloa, Sri Lanka, can witness the wreckage of these historic ships while enjoying the stunning marine life that resides in the area. Show more

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