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Trekking Season

March–May | September–November • activity

Trekking in Nepal is one of lifetime adventures, since the Himalayan mountains are the highest in the world, and ​nature is unique

Observing Everest from the Gokyo Lakes

mid-September–mid-December | March–May • activity

Nepal's largest glaciers with pristine turquoise water are a perfect spot to observe snowy mountains

Safari at Chitwan National Park

October–May • activity

Take a safari trip at Chitwan National Park to get a chance of seeing rhinos, tigers, and, of course, mighty elephants

Honey Hunting Season

October–November | May–June • activity

One of the ​unique activities in Nepal is gathering honey from the wild bees' nests. Men are climbing high cliffs to get to the nests and harvest the honey

Paragliding over the Pokhara Landscapes

September–February • activity

It might be one of the most dangerous activities, but the unique view that you get is totally worth it

White Water Rafting and Kayaking Season

September–May • activity

Although rafting and kayaking during the monsoon season might sound exciting, only a few rivers are accessible. Therefore, try to make sure you are travelling outside the notorious season

Nepal Tea Harvest Season

late March–early November • activity

Nepal may not be the most famous tea producer, but the taste of this country's tea is unique and fresh

Dashain Festival

October 09–23, 2018 • event

One of the most important festivals in Nepal, Dashain is all about community building, worshipping and, of course, a marvelous tradition! However, it is also a major source worry for animal protection groups

Swayambhunath (Monkey Temple)

October–December (all year round ) • activity

The ancient religious architecture masterpiece is towering over the Kathmandu Valley, in the western part of Kathmandu City

Canyoning at its Best

mid September–December • activity

Canyoning is a unique way to experience Nepal's lush nature while participating in one of the most exciting activities ever


Holi Festival

March 21, 2019 • event

A Hindu festival celebrated with lots of colours and picturesque traditions

Rato Machhendranath Jatra

around April-May • event

One of the biggest events, that are socially important for Nepalese, features a huge decorated chariot moved around the city of Patan


February 16–March 02, 2018 • event

Also known as Tibetan New Year, Lhosar is celebrated by all Tibetan-speaking populations in a very colourful way

Dumji Festival

April 12–16, 2018 • event

Celebrated by the Sherpa community in Namche Bazar, the festival celebrates the birth of Guru Rinpoche on a lotus flower. It is a colourful and spectacular event, organized by one family from the village

Mustard Fields in Bloom

April • nature

Mustard is a vital plant for almost all Asian countries. In Nepal its yellow bloom covers many fields, making it a top destination for beauty seekers

Boating with a View

December • activity

Boating on Phewa Lake or further situated Rara and Phoksundo lakes is one of the top experiences in the winter period​


September 12, 2018 • event

Witness the most famous festival among Nepali women, as they fill the streets of Kathmandu with red colour

Bisket Jatra (Nepali New Year)

April 14, 2019 • event

A major holiday in Nepal is celebrated with interesting rituals to observe

Buddha Jayanti

May 18, 2019 • event

Celebrate Buddha's birthday at his birthplace and in the capital of Nepal


November 05–09, 2018 • event

Also known as Swanti or Diwali, the festival lasts for five days and includes different events dedicated to animals and family members

Sel Roti

October 18–22, 2017 • food

Synonymous to great festivities, this delicacy is the real taste of Nepal

Extraordinary Golf

January–February • activity

Playing golf in the most exotic field in the world might become your lifetime experience

Chhath Festival

November 11–14, 2018 • event

Originally Indian, the festival honours the god of sun. It is celebrated only in Terai region of Nepal

Janai Purnima

August 26, 2018 • event

One of the biggest days for higher class Hindus. During the event, ​the pilgrims bathe in the sacred water and change the threads on their hands

Ghode Jatra

April 05, 2019 • event

Watch a military parade and a horse race during a festival unique to Kathmandu

Yomari for Yomari Punhi

late December • food

A special delicacy for Newari Yomari Punhi celebration

Gai Jatra Festival

August 27, 2018 • event

The festival to commemorate the deaths of people throughout the year, is a picturesque one and unique to Kathmandu Valley and its Newar and Tharu communities

Gathia Mangal (Ghanta Karn)

August 10, 2018 • event

A Newar festival that celebrates the expulsion of the demons from the country


December 15 2017–January 13 2018 • event

Worshipers of Swasthani and Shiva take a huge massive bath together, which is believed to make miracles