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Sel Roti in Nepal 2023

Synonymous to great festivities, this delicacy is the real taste of Nepal

Best time: November 10–11, 2023

Sel Roti
Sel Roti
Sel Roti

Looking a bit like doughnut, Sel Roti is specially cooked for major festivities, mainly for Tihar. Regionally as well as depending on the cook it may include different ingredients, but typically the deep fried dough made of milk, rice flour, cardamom, cloves and bananas is then cooked on heat until it turns golden. The treat is often sent to loved ones that are far away during the holidays.

This Nepalese delight that is considered to be one of the symbols of the country can be stored up to 20 days. They are served during many special occasions, such as weddings and holidays. Sel Roti is popular not only in Nepal but also in Nepali communities in India/

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