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Tihar 2023 in Nepal

Also known as Swanti or Diwali, the festival lasts for five days and includes different events dedicated to animals and family members

Dates: November 10–14, 2023


Tihar signifies and celebrates the end of the year according to Nepal Sambat. A long time before its arrival people prepare by cleaning and decorating their houses. However, the main attractions happen during the festival itself.

On the first day, the crows as divine messengers are celebrated with offerings. During the second day, it is dogs' turn to be celebrated and worshipped for their honesty. During the third day, cows and oxen are decorated and fed. The last day of the festival is also the Laxmi puja day, which worships the goddess of wealth. On this day, ​people put oil lamps near doors and windows. On the last fifth day, often called Bhai Tika, brothers and sisters meet to give each other presents.

The period is marked with extensive dancing and signing of the traditional kind. This is also a period of family reunions, and people visit each other to give blessings and gifts. Besides worshipping and family time, Nepal citizens enjoy the days when gambling is permitted, as during the rest of the year it's illegal and they might end up paying fine or going to jail.

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