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Diwali in London 2020

Join Europe's largest live outdoor Diwali celebration and show


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The annual London Diwali festival held on Trafalgar Square gathers about 35,000 people who celebrate the Hindu, Sikh and Jain festival of light. It features plenty of music, dance and a food market, crafts, and henna stalls. For Hindu and other cultures, Diwali traditionally is a festival of joy, love, forgiveness, and light which symbolises the victory of light over darkness. The celebration usually falls on the new moon in October or November.

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Diwali is also associated with Lakshmi, the deity of prosperity, it is the start of the financial year in India.

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Mumbai Gardens in Harrow hold a vibrant celebration featuring music from Bollywood to Bhangra and a traditional dinner. Fireworks over Byron Park are synchronised to music. Wembley Park also has a spectacular display at 7 p.m. and food stalls with Indian delights. The dates usually differ from those of Diwali festival at Trafalgar Square indicated above, so please check it while planning your trip.

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