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Holi Festival 2024

Color, color everywhere. If your life is feeling grey and you are looking for something new and a bit more color check out Goa's Holi Festival

Dates: March 13-14, 2025

Holi Festival
Holi Festival

Holi Festival, also called Shigmo in Goa, brings together thousands and even tens of thousands of people to the streets to have fun and enjoy color at the Holi parties. The Festival of Colours is an exciting and attractive Hindu holiday. This bright spring celebration occurs during the full moon in February or March. The night before Holi, people gather in public places to sing and dance and have fun near and around large bonfires. Traditional dances include Talgadi, Rommatamel, Fugdi, and Ghode-Morni.

The real fun begins the next morning when all the streets of India turn into a massive color fight. Attendees of the festival throw vivid powdered dye high into the air and on each other. Some people even mix it with water, fill up water guns, and spray anyone they can reach. Thousands of rainbows cover the streets. Everyone, both young and old, delight in the spectacle like children. In the evenings, neighborhoods fill up with families and friends again, just to spend time together and greet each other with good wishes. The largest celebrations take place in Vagator, Anjuna, and Ponda.

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