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International Pillow Fight Day 2024

If you see feathers all over the street, it's probably the International Pillow Fight Day, the fluffiest fight in the world

Dates: April 5, 2025

International Pillow Fight Day
International Pillow Fight Day

One of New York's craziest and most fun events, the Pillow Fight annually gathers thousands of locals and tourists that are eager to whack someone with a pillow. Some of the participants even wear costumes of cartoon or movie characters.

The event is held in early April which is now considered International Pillow Fight Day and squares and parks across New York quickly become covered in feathers. It starts in the afternoon and lasts for a couple of hours until the participants are worn out. Aside from the great fun it also is a charitable event because the pillows can be donated to local homeless shelters. So grab a pillow and join​ the blowout.

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