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Metropolitan Opera in the Parks 2024, New York

Beautiful opera music in the relaxed atmosphere during the Summer Recital Series

Dates: June 18, 2024

Metropolitan Opera in the Parks
Metropolitan Opera in the Parks
Metropolitan Opera in the Parks
Metropolitan Opera in the Parks

In the past, going to the opera was affordable only for a handful of wealthy people. Today, companies like the Metropolitan Opera aim to raise a new generation of opera lovers and make opera open and available to everyone. To​ do so, they founded the Summer Recital Series in the parks, the annual free opera performances. It's not only a great opportunity to listen to some beautiful music but also to gather with your friends and spend a lovely evening with drinks and snacks.


Don't worry if you won't get a seat right in front of the stage. You can still hear the music and enjoy the performance. Summer Recital Series are held at Central Park, Brooklyn Bridge Park, Jackie Robinson Park, and other locations throughout the city.

Met Opera in the Parks Hours

The free show starts in Central Park at 7 pm. The Metropolitan Opera Summer Recital will include performances by Leah Hawkins, Mario Chang, and Michael Samuel. No outside chairs are permitted, and seating is first-come, first-served. Food and beverages, like burgers, vegetarian sandwiches, hot dogs, beer, and wine, are available to purchase at all shows. Pets are not allowed into the shows, however, service animals are allowed.

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