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Hofburg Silvesterball 2023

The ball at the Imperial Palace is a perfect place to welcome the New Year

Dates: December 31, 2023 (canceled)

Hofburg Silvesterball
Hofburg Silvesterball
Hofburg Silvesterball

This iconic Viennese ball has had for years a well-deserved reputation as the best entertainment for New Year's Eve. The event starts with the opening of the Grand Staircase—a performance with musicians and ballet dancers which is not to be missed.

The atmosphere at the ball is reminiscent of the 19th century thanks to costumes and classical music. You can see Viennese debutantes in beautiful white dresses waltz, but the main attraction of the evening is a concert performed by the Hofburg Orchestra.

Depending on your budget, you can purchase tickets for the ball only for about 100 Euro or opt for a gala dinner—the tickets will cost a few times more but you'll have the best seats to enjoy the concert.

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