Best time to go to Vienna

Christmas Lights 2019

Holidays displays in Vienna are classy and stylish

Christmas Lights in Vienna 2019 - Best Time
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Gabriel Hess

With its cozy traditional Christmas markets and beautiful balls, Vienna is a great Christmas destination. At night the city sparkles with millions of LED lights. You won't see too many cartoon and popular culture characters or multiple colours. Vienna keeps the displays simple and elegant. The city centre is illuminated by shimmering cascades and glowing arches. Giant crystal chandeliers of Graben consisting of 200,000 LED lights is one of the most iconic Vienna Christmas light displays. From Graben, you can walk to Stephansplatz to look at the cathedral and the Haas Haus illuminated facade. The Christmas market is a good spot to warm yourself up with some mulled wine.

Christmas lights along the Graben 2019
Christmas lights along the Graben

From Stephansplatz you can walk along the beautifully decorated Kärntner Straße with hanging light displays created by 550,000 LED lights and about 50 km of crystals.

Christmas Lights on Kärntnerstraße 2019
Christmas Lights on Kärntnerstraße
Christmas Lights in Vienna - Best Season 2019

If you walk from Stephansdom to Rotenturmstrasse you can see light displays with colour—large red shimmering balls are decorating the street.

Rotenturmstrasse 2019

Lights of the Ring is another display worth seeing. To warm up, you can do it on the Ring tram; passing many decorated shops, luxurious hotels, and markets.

Vienna winter fairy-tale walk is not complete without visiting two palaces, the Belvedere and Schönbrunn, their sight will leave you in awe. At the Belvedere, there is a Christmas market which is worth checking out. Schönbrunn palace has a large lavishly decorated Christmas tree.

Christmas at Schönbrunn Palace 2019
Christmas at Schönbrunn Palace

Karlsplatz Lights and Christmas market is another Christmas-time must-see. The park in front of the Rathaus, City Hall, is a great stop to look at the lights and grab some warm food and drinks. The Rathaus lights are changing every year, bringing new styles to the city.