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Halloween in Prater 2023

Celebrate the scariest night of the year at Vienna's most famous amusement park

Dates: October 31, 2023

Halloween in Prater
Halloween in Prater

Even though Halloween is not an Austrian holiday, its popularity is growing every year. There are dozens of exciting and scary parties that you can find in the city. Vienna has plenty of spooky legends and characters of its own, and Austrians love to dress up for fun, so don't be surprised if you meet crowds of zombies and vampires in Vienna's party areas and clubs.

One of the best places to celebrate Halloween is Vienna's oldest and most favorite amusement park Prater located in Leopoldstadt, the city's 2nd district. Every year on October 31, zombies, mummies, vampires, and other creepy creatures take over the park. Visitors can hear some scary legends from professional storytellers, try on some seriously frightening make-up, take part in the Halloween parade, and watch the Burning Calafati Fire Show.

Vienna's biggest Halloween party attracts hundreds of witches, living dead, vampires and ghouls—all visitors can enjoy free admission. A giant Ferris wheel will give you a perfect view of the park decorated for Halloween. The ride lasts around 10–15 minutes. At about 3 pm, there is a zombie walk, followed by The Halloween Parade with colorful floats and costumes at 6 pm. The best-dressed guests will get special prizes. Halloween at Prater is a perfect scary and fun experience for locals and tourists alike.

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