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Halloween 2022

Spooky attractions and fun family activities throughout October


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Singapore loves Halloween. You will see plenty of black and orange decorations at local supermarkets and shopping malls, an abundance of costumes for the holidays, and a ton of various fun activities throughout October.

Halloween Horror Nights at Universal Studios (September 30–November 5, 2022, on selected dates)

Universal Studios Singapore is the epicenter of local Halloween celebrations. A huge theme park is located on Sentosa Island, offering seven themed zones. Only during the first two months of autumn Universal Studios Singapore host chilling Halloween Horror Nights. A special scary attraction features five haunted houses, two scare zones, exclusive shows, and a Halloween carnival.

Haunted Houses have Asian themes. Curse of the Naga takes visitors from the colorful streets of Bangkok to the jungles of Thailand to be lost under the spell of the Naga, a snake spirit. Twisted Clown University features remorseless clowns that train the next generation of comedic killers. Hell Block 9 tells the story of ruthless wardens that torture them and leave them for dead. These attractions are not meant for children.

Trick or Thrills at Universal Studios (September 7–November 6, 2022)

Along with genuinely terrifying rides and haunted houses, Universal Studios Singapore hosts a family-friendly program called Halloween Fun For Everyone. During September and October, the USS hosts plenty of joyful activities like Minion Monsters mini-parade with goodies at Minion Monsters Tricky Treats, or a musical show about friendship and kindness in Trick or Treat with Sesame Street. All-new Halloween Carnival offers interactive games and rides.

Superspook at SuperPark (October 21–23, 28–30, 2022)

Halloween at SuperPark is the spookiest kids zone located in all-in-one indoor activity park with three themed areas that offer over 20 fun activities for all ages. During October, SuperPark becomes a fantasy-land welcoming supernatural guests from the underworld and monsters of all kinds. Kids are encouraged to wear costumes and participate in the SuperDressed Instagram contest. Kids can also win some SuperTreats after dark at the Halloween Zone where the Grim Reaper lies.

Halloween in Asian Civilisations Museum (unconfirmed in 2022)

This Halloween event for adults and children hosts chilling performances, paranormal panel discussions, spooky tales by local storytellers, and much more. Some attractions of ACM After Dark were inspired by the famous Chinese book Strange Tales dating back to the 18th century. Meet some of its fantasy creatures and make your own wicked characters.

Other Celebrations

In addition to large festivals at theme parks, there are many small-scale celebrations throughout the island city, like WisWonder Fun-nival Weekends Halloween Special at Wisteria Mall and Halloween Trick Or Treat at Woodlands Woodgrove. In this neighborhood, many residents decorate their houses and open the gates for kids to give out candies.

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