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New Year's Concert (Neujahrskonzert) 2023

One of the most nostalgic traditions and certainly iconic for Vienna

Dates: December 30, 2023–January 1, 2024

New Year's Concert (Neujahrskonzert)

The Vienna Philharmonic Orchestra annually presents the New Year programme consisting of the repertoire by the Strauss family and its contemporaries. The concert is usually broadcast in about 90 countries.

The concert traditionally takes place on January, 1 in the morning. The program and conductors of the concert vary year to year but rest assured you'll hear lots of works by Johann Strauss, Eduard, and Josef Strauss as well as other Austrian composers.

The New Year's Concerts have been held in the Golder Hall ("Goldener Saal") of the Musikverein since 1939. The tickets for the New Year's Concerts can be purchased by participation in the drawing on the official website that takes places annually in January–February.

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