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Dirty Linen Night 2019

A counterpart of White Linen Night, Dirty Linen Night is more quirky


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Mirroring the posh "SoHo" side of the White Linen Night, the Dirty Linen Night shows the fun side of fashion and arts. Shops will often put out laundry baskets and encourage customers to wear the same clothes as they wore during the White Linen Night.

The party starts exactly one week after the White Linen Night and is more alternative while offering the same shopping highlights.

Like White Linen Night, the main highlight of Dirty Linen Night is exploring the shops and galleries, this time, on Royal Street, Jackson Square and Dutch Alley. Over 30 galleries, shops, and eateries are open to the public and offer special exhibits, offers and much more. The event starts from the 200 block of Royal Street and goes onward downtown. It's a great occasion to shop for art which ranges from antique to contemporary, usually unique to the Crescent City. Dirty Linen Night also features street music, meetings with artists, drink specials, and parties.

Many owners of shops and galleries offer dirty martinis and dirty rice to customers to add to the whimsical note of the night. Many artists will deliver over-sized works of art for free to those who purchase them on the spot.

Dirty Linen Night is managed by the gallery owners who founded a non-profit organization called the Royal Street Arts District to organize and promote the event. Non-profits have discounts on city services. Dirty Linen Night attendees may also attend VIP parties that start after the event and last till 11 p.m. at various famous locations close to Royal Street.

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