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Exploding Sledgehammer Celebrations 2023

Despite good chances to be wounded, one of the world's most dangerous parties annually gathers tens of thousands of thrill-seekers in San Juan de la Vega

Dates: February 16–20, 2023

What can be crazier than to put a firecracker on a sledgehammer, and hit it against the metal surface for an explosion? That's actually what they do at the Mexican Bomb Hammer Party. Maybe it's fun, but who takes delight in injuring oneself? Seriously, according to statistics, the number of the injured always reaches some few dozen individuals. If you have already attributed the dangerous occasion to modern people going mad out of boredom, the tradition has much older roots.

It stems from the legend of Mexican Robin Hood, Juan Aquino, who used that method to rob the wealthy and give to the poor. Where do you think the host town name comes from? San Juan de la Vega... The small town in Guanajuato annually sees tens of thousands of adventurers, even though the festival is considered one of the most dangerous in the world.

If it sounds exciting to you, visit San Juan de la Vega on Fat Tuesday. Locals chose the unique way to celebrate the last day before Lent.

However, Exploding Sledgehammer is only the final part of 5-day festivities preceding Lent. To have the full experience of pre-Hispanic traditions, we recommend visiting San Juan de la Vega during all 5 festive days between Friday and Tuesday.

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