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Pi Mai Lao or Lao New Year 2020

No fireworks or fancy family dinners, but rather a​ temple worship, splashing water, and street food

Pi Mai Lao or Lao New Year in Laos 2020 - Best Time

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Pi Mai Lao, or Lao New Year, is very different from what most people are accustomed to. There are no celebrations with lots of food on the table, gifts, or loud parties. In Laos, it is more of a spiritual period with rituals that vary across the country.

New Years lasts for three days around mid-April—check the exact schedule as dates may slightly vary each year. The first day is one of cleansing when all houses and temples are cleaned and repainted.

Pi Mai Lao or Lao New Year in Laos - Best Season 2020

During this time young people pour water on the hands of the elders and ask for a blessing. Many families head to Buddhist temples to pray. The second day is one of relaxation, and the third day is the real celebration usually accompanied by eating street food.

Best time for Pi Mai Lao or Lao New Year in Laos 2020

Every region has its ​unique customs, but many tourists visit Luang Prabang for its rich celebrations with sand stupas on the banks of the Mekong river, the Prabang procession, beauty contests, and authentic music and dance concerts.

Best time to see Pi Mai Lao or Lao New Year in Laos 2020