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Trekking to Bolaven Plateau & Tad Fane Waterfall in Laos

Trekking in the rainforests can be somewhat challenging, but very rewarding with magnificent vistas and untouched nature

Best time: July–October

Trekking to Bolaven Plateau & Tad Fane Waterfall
Trekking to Bolaven Plateau & Tad Fane Waterfall

The rainy season in Laos may not be the best time for travelling, as the weather gets rather cool and not all destinations are accessible due to ruined and flooded roads. However, one thing that certainly gets better with the rain is the beauty and the power of waterfalls.

In southern Laos, Bolaven Plateau is famous among trekkers. It has gorgeous vistas, ethnic villages, coffee and tea plantations, and two spectacular waterfalls—Tad Fane and Ta​at Fang, also known as Dong Hua Sao.

Tad Fane is about 100 metres high, and together with the surrounding rainforest, it belongs to a national park. When trekking to the waterfall one can meet different wild animals—​elephants, monkeys, tigers and a large variety of birds. Bolaven Plateau is worth visiting during any season, but if Tad Fane is a target then July through October is an ideal time to visit. At this time excessive rain fills every river, and massive amounts of water overwhelm and highlight the beauty and power of local waterfalls.

Practical info

When is the best time to visit Tad Fane waterfall in Laos?

Visiting Tad Fane waterfall is best from July to October, when excessive rainfall makes the falls appear more beautiful and awe-inspiring, adding to their natural allure. However, the weather can get chilly, and some roads may be flooded or damaged as a result of the rain, which could affect accessibility. Show more

What kind of animals might you see on the Tad Fane waterfall trek?

Trekking to Tad Fane waterfall is an excellent opportunity to see various wild creatures, such as large numbers of birds, monkeys, elephants, and even tigers. On the journey, trekkers may also encounter reptiles and insects. The lush green rainforest that covers the paths provides habitats for many species, making it ideal for nature enthusiasts and adventurers. Show more

Where can the Bolaven Plateau be found?

The Bolaven Plateau is situated in the south of Laos and offers visitors breathtaking views, tea and coffee plantations, exotic ethnic villages, and two magnificent waterfalls - Tad Fane and Taat Fang, or Dong Hua Sao. With a cooler, temperate climate all year round thanks to its high altitude but low elevation, the plateau is perfect for individuals seeking peace and quiet away from the hustle and bustle of city living. Show more

What is the height of Tad Fane waterfall in Laos?

Tad Fane waterfall reaches a height of approximately 100 meters and is part of a national park that overlays the surrounding area. The falls' altitude provides a stunning view surrounded by green rainforest, making it a must-see stop when heading towards the Bolaven Plateau. As water cascades down, it collects below to create a reservoir that resembles a lake, rendering the view even more mesmerizing. Show more

What makes the scenery distinct at Bolaven Plateau during the rainy season?

The sight at Bolaven Plateau can become quite extraordinary during the rainy season, although travelling there could be slightly challenging because of the excess rainfall that often causes road damage and interrupts transportation services. The forest becomes livelier, greener, and deeper, thanks to the additional precipitation, which increases the rivers' water levels and waterfalls, creating an even more awe-inspiring and mystical view than usual. Show more

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