Best time to visit Romania


A vast mountainous area covered with countless hiking trails suitable for any skill level

Hiking in Romania 2019 - Best Time
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Fagaras Mountains offer the most challenging climbing routes as well as the most breathtaking panoramas. Lighter trails are available in Retezat, Apuseni, and the Piatra Craiului Mountains; but the most popular hiking destinations are Sinaia, Busteni, Zarnesti, and Petrosani. Mountains occupy one-third of the country's territory.

Romania also boasts 400 natural parks and reserves worth being explored. Standard hiking season runs from April through October, yet the most challenging trails and highest summits are accessible from early July.

Radnai-Havasok 2019
Busteni, Prahova 2019
Busteni, Prahova
Raul Bicajel valley, Transylvania 2019
Raul Bicajel valley, Transylvania
The trail to the Negoiu Peak 2019
The trail to the Negoiu Peak