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Hiking in Romania

A vast mountainous area covered with countless hiking trails suitable for any skill level

Best time: April–October


Fagaras Mountains offer the most challenging climbing routes as well as the most breathtaking panoramas. Lighter trails are available in Retezat, Apuseni, and the Piatra Craiului Mountains; but the most popular hiking destinations are Sinaia, Busteni, Zarnesti, and Petrosani. Mountains occupy one-third of the country's territory.

Romania also boasts 400 natural parks and reserves worth being explored. Standard hiking season runs from April through October, yet the most challenging trails and highest summits are accessible from early July.

Practical info

What are some suitable hiking trails for beginners in Romania?

For inexperienced hikers, Romania has an array of hiking trails to choose from. Lighter options include trails in Retezat National Park, Apuseni, and Piatra Craiului Mountains, which showcases breathtaking views. There are also popular hiking routes such as Sinaia, Busteni, Zarnesti, and Petrosani, all of which have well-maintained paths. However, ensure that each trail matches your skill level before setting out. Show more

When is the optimal time to explore Fagaras Mountains, Romania on foot?

If you're planning to hike the Fagaras Mountains, it is best to do so between July and September when the weather is milder and the snow has thawed. These mountains provide some of the most challenging routes in Romania and offer fantastic views of towering peaks. It's worth noting that weather conditions can change quickly and visibility limited due to fog, which could hinder your progress. Show more

What unique views can I witness when hiking in Piatra Craiului Mountains, Romania?

During a hike in the Piatra Craiului Mountains, visitors can enjoy magnificent panoramic views of winding valleys and spectacular limestone formations, including narrow ridges protruding from the mountainsides. The hike also provides an opportunity to observe nearby villages, lush forests, and alpine meadows. You will appreciate the natural wonders that this Romanian destination has to offer. Show more

Where can I locate parks and reserves ideal for hiking in Romania?

There are close to 400 natural parks and reserves in Romania suitable for hiking. Among the most popular are Piatra Craiului National Park, Retezat National Park, Danube Delta Biosphere Reserve, and Bucegi Natural Park. These areas offer a chance to explore Romania's wilderness, with diverse landscapes of mountains, forests, and marine ecosystems accompanied by a vast range of flora and fauna. Show more

Which peak is the highest to hike in Romania, and where is it situated?

Romania's Fagaras Mountains hold the highest peak, Mount Moldoveanu, standing at 2544 meters (8346 ft) tall. Climbing to the zenith is regarded as one of Romania's most challenging hikes, with unpredictable weather patterns, rugged terrain, and the need for professional guidance and proper hiking gear with lots of stamina. However, those who make it to the top will enjoy a stunning panoramic view of the surrounding mountain range. Show more

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