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Hiking and Trekking in Sweden

Sweden is a great destination for hiking with tons of variety

Hiking and Trekking
Hiking and Trekking
Hiking and Trekking

Due to Sweden's mild temperatures and rich variety of landscapes, no hiker will feel disappointed. Typically, the north of Sweden is associated with hiking. The Royal Trail, Sweden's most famous trail of 440 km, is located above the Arctic Circle and passes Anisko and Nikkaluokta on its route. Another great one, the Padjelanta Trail, is located between the villages of Kvikkj​okk and Ritsem in the far northwest and stretches for 150 km. The Höga Kusten is the only long distance trail that is situated on land that is still rising. Interestingly, since t​he Ice Age the area level has risen 300 metres! This is also the trail that connects the south and north of the country, from Hornöberget to Örnsköldsvik. The southernmost trail is Skåneleden, stretching for approximately 1000 km. It is a beautiful track that suggests that not only the North is a hiking paradise.

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When is the best time to go for a hiking trip in Sweden?

For a comfortable hiking trip in Sweden, it is recommended to go between May and September when the weather is mild and trail accessibility is at its best. Although keep in mind, August is the peak tourist season and hence, a bit crowded. Show more

Where are the popular hiking trails located in Sweden?

Most of the popular hiking trails in Sweden are in the northern regions. 'The Royal Trail' is famous for its 440 km stretch beginning above the Arctic Circle and passing via Nikkaluokta-Anisko. Another well-known trail is 'Padjelanta Trail', beginning in far northwest, ranging for 150 km, between Kvikkjokk and Ritsem. 'Skåneleden' is among southernmost trails at 1000 km length and a sight to behold for its enchanting and varied landscapes. Show more

What is the distance covered by the Royal Trail located in Sweden?

Sweden features 'The Royal Trail', one of its most renowned hiking trails. While passing through Anisko and Nikkaluokta, it provides a 440 km course above the Arctic Circle. Although having amazing views, it needs skill and ideal gear to traverse through it. Show more

Which trail traverses terrain that still continues to rise?

Among the lengthy trails of Sweden lies the unique 'Höga Kusten', the only one raising as it goes. Sited between Hornöberget and Örnsköldsvik, its 300 meters upward elevation since the icy age presents stunning views alongside dense territory and a challenging trail for hiking enthusiasts. Show more

What is the length of Skåneleden, the southernmost trail in Sweden?

To experience southern Sweden’s hikes, the 1000 km Skåneleden- leading hikers through forests, meadows, and beaches- provides an opportunity for a complete exploration of its coastal cities like Kristianstad and Helsingborg. The trail is divided into five sub-trails, with varying lengths between 70 to 280 km, all offering mesmerizing views to hikers throughout the route. Show more

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