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Skåne Yellow Spring in Sweden

Skåne is Sweden's southern region which boasts endless yellow fields among typical red houses

Skåne Yellow Spring
Skåne Yellow Spring
Skåne Yellow Spring

Come to Skane and admire the yellow plains and blue skies! The typical yellow landscape of Skane comes from the vast production of rapeseed oil. Rapeseed here is grown everywhere which turns the region into the Swedish flag every spring and early summer. The yellow fields usually bloom around May, depending when it gets warmer.

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What is the reason for Skåne's yellow landscape?

Skåne is known for its unique yellow landscape that results from the cultivation of rapeseed oil. Starting around late April or early May, rapeseed flowers bloom, painting the region a vibrant yellow. This incredible natural wonder lasts for a couple of weeks before passing. Show more

What is the best time to witness the yellow fields in Skåne?

If you plan to experience the yellow fields in Skåne, it's best to visit around May. However, the exact timing varies each year and might differ slightly depending on the weather conditions. It's recommended that visitors verify the blooming season with a local tourist office in advance. Show more

What are some other attractions in Skåne besides the yellow fields?

Skåne is home to a variety of additional attractions apart from the yellow fields. In addition to its magnificent forests and coasts, the region also boasts lively cities like Malmö and Lund, each with its vibrant culture. Skåne's Kullaberg Nature Reserve is an awe-inspiring spot for nature enthusiasts, and many visitors come to capture the reserve's breath-taking views of the Öresund Strait and local wildlife. Show more

How long does the yellow blooming season last in Skåne?

Throughout May and early June, Skåne's rapeseed fields flower with a beautiful yellow hue, creating a stunning landscape. This breathtaking blooming season lasts for a few weeks, depending on that year's weather and temperature conditions. Visitors should consider speaking to a tourist office for up-to-date information and not miss the chance to witness the mesmerizing yellow fields. Show more

What are some locations to capture beautiful photos of Skåne's yellow fields?

Skåne's natural beauty provides several amazing spots to take stunning photographs of the yellow fields. Tourists can consider going to the Simrishamn village, the Österlenkusten coast, or the Söderåsen National Park. Additionally, there are also several lookout points to capture the best view of Skåne's picturesque landscapes, such as the Hammars backar viewpoint, offering an unforgettable yellow sea of rapeseed fields and the Swedish countryside. Show more

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