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Blooming Heather

Purple heather blooms ornate open Scottish fields and heathlands, wetlands, and forests


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Blooming Heather in Scotland 2020 - Best Time
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Glorified in Scottish folklore, poetry, and songs, heather or Calluna vulgaris is already a part of local culture and is now strongly associated with Scotland. The often severe conditions of Scotland do not scare off the enduring beautiful plant, and it thrives equally well in damp and dry climates, survives cool temperatures, and thrives in infertile soils. Heather is prevalent over vast swathes of Scottish landscapes in the west and north. This perennial evergreen shrub is found in Scottish wetlands, pine, birch, and oak forests, in heathlands, dry fields, and large open areas. You can also observe heather on the exposed ground drawling back from sea cliffs. The heather blooming season is late summer, with the prime month being August.

Pine Trees and Heather around Sidlaw Hills, Angus 2020
Pine Trees and Heather around Sidlaw Hills, Angus
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Blooming Heather in Scotland - Best Season 2020

There are lots of places to spot the blooming heather. Beautiful heathery spots close to Edinburgh are found on the Lammermuir Hills and Pentland Hills. Besides, heather thrives on exposed slopes up the coast from St Abbs at the Scottish border with Northern England. Another location is at the Mugdock Country Park, which is close to Glasgow. In addition to coastal moorlands, the bloom also likes the woods around Cairngorms National Park, and especially near Boat of Garten.

Best time for Blooming Heather in Scotland 2020