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Blooming Heather

Purple heather blooms ornate open Scottish fields and heathlands, wetlands, and forests

Blooming Heather in Scotland 2019 - Best Time
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Andy Belshaw

Glorified in Scottish folklore, poetry, and songs, heather is already a part of local culture. The often severe conditions of Scotland do not scare off the enduring beautiful plant, and it thrives equally well in damp and dry climates, survives cool temperatures, and thrives in infertile soils. This perennial evergreen shrub is found in Scottish wetlands, pine, birch, and oak forests, in heathlands, dry fields and large open areas. The long-lasting heather blooming season begins in July and continues until late November.

Pine Trees and Heather around Sidlaw Hills, Angus 2020
Pine Trees and Heather around Sidlaw Hills, Angus
Blooming Heather in Scotland - Best Season 2020
Best time for Blooming Heather in Scotland 2020