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Sunflowers in Bloom

The lush purple lavender fields side by side with contrasting bright-yellow sunflower fields are a breathtaking spectacle

Sunflowers in Bloom in Provence & French Riviera 2019 - Best Time
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While lavender is an iconic symbol of Provence, the sunflower is less famous. But no less picturesque. If you're visiting Provence in July, you'll be surprised to see wonderful vivid fields of sunflowers right next to the renowned purple lavender hills. It's a unique scenery of contrasts and flamboyance you'll never forget. No wonder Van Gogh was inspired by it. There's an interesting Greek myth about the origin of the sunflower. It says that Apollo, the god of the sun, had two mistresses, water nymphs named Clydia and Leucothoé. They were sisters and once Clydia got jealous and told their father, Ocean, about this liaison. He was so furious, he buried his younger daughter alive. After this Apollo left Clydia who let herself waste away. When Apollo noticed her despair, he was so touched, he turned her into a sunflower, because she was always turned towards the sun.

Sunflowers in Bloom in Provence & French Riviera - Best Season 2020
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