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Vee Pass Rhododendrons in Ireland

The Vee is famous all over Ireland for its panoramic views, particularly thanks to blooming rhododendrons

Vee Pass Rhododendrons
Vee Pass Rhododendrons
Vee Pass Rhododendrons
Vee Pass Rhododendrons

Every year between mid-May and mid-June the Vee Pass above Clogheen becomes covered with the bloom of rhododendrons. The timing depends a lot on weather factor though. If it is too cold the blooming will be delayed, if the weather is windy, the flowers can be blown away.

The rhododendrons were planted in the area of Vee in the 1960s and since then it occupied the whole territory around. Being a really virulent plant, it damages any other vegetation around it.

There are lots of legends and stories about this area, the Vee lake, and the flowers. In late spring thousands of people visit the place to enjoy the colourful landscape. You will easily find a way as it is well sign-posted.

The Vee Pass runs under the R668 number between Lismore, Co. Waterford and Clogheen in Co. Tipperary.

Practical info

When is the best time to visit the Vee Pass and see the rhododendrons in bloom?

Between mid-May and mid-June every year is the optimal time to watch rhododendrons bloom at the Vee Pass. Temperature and wind are two factors that influence the exact date. Blooming will be delayed if it is too cold, and windy conditions might cause the flowers to be blown away. Show more

Where exactly can you find the Vee Pass and the rhododendrons in Ireland?

The Vee Pass, well sign-posted, is located in Ireland along the R668 number between Clogheen, County Tipperary, and Lismore, County Waterford. Rhododendrons are spread over the Vee Pass and its surrounding territory. Panoramic views of the colorful rhododendron landscape await visitors. Show more

What is the history behind the planting of rhododendrons in the area of Vee Pass?

Rhododendrons were planted in the Vee Pass area during the 1960s to bring tourists and boost the local economy. Though the beautiful flowers accomplished their objective, they have become invasive plants that harm other vegetation. Nonetheless, thousands of tourists still flock to the Vee Pass area every year to see blooming rhododendrons and enjoy the remarkable views. Show more

How do weather conditions impact the rhododendron blooming season at the Vee Pass?

Rhododendron blooms at the Vee Pass are heavily impacted by weather conditions. Too much cold will delay blooming, and the flowers will likely be blown away by the wind. Inadequate water availability during the growing season might also result in a reduced number of blooms. However, a suitable climate is critical in providing visitors with a spectacular view. Show more

What are some other must-see attractions in the surrounding areas of Vee Pass and Clogheen?

The Vee Pass and Clogheen areas offer a diverse range of attractions visitors can explore. Rock of Cashel and Cahir Castle are historic castles located in County Tipperary. Outdoor activities, such as hiking in the Galtee Mountains or fishing in the River Suir, can also be enjoyed. Additionally, the Waterford Greenway is an excellent cycling and scenic walking pathway, while the Waterford Crystal Factory attracts people from all corners of the world. Show more

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