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Loughcrew Equinox 2023

The ancient tombs of Loughcrew are aligned perfectly with equinox sunrise​ and have been a sacred place for Gaelic culture, especially during this occasion

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Equinox was a major event for ancient cultures around the world. The phenomenon occurs twice a year in March and September and basically means that day and night are of equal length. The ancient burial grounds of Loughcrew​ have always been a celestial spot for celebrating the phenomenon. Since the passage tombs are perfectly aligned with the Equinox sunrise, the beam of sunshine passes through the dark closed tombs, creating a breathtaking view. Most celebrated is the Autumn Equinox, and the annual festival takes place at the location. The event starts at dawn and lasts for a day. People from all over gather to see the phenomenon, and to actually get to see it, you will often have to book a spot in advance. Among the activities that you can take part in are spiritual ceremonies, meditations, yoga and workshops that will help you dive into the world of the supernatural and old pagan traditions. So, book your tickets now and dive into old Gaelic culture!

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