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Summer Solstice at the Temples of Hagar Qim in Malta

Meet the first sun rays near the Temples of Hagar Qim to mark the summer solstice, a new day and even a new life!

Summer Solstice at the Temples of Hagar Qim

The temple of Ħaġar Qim is situated near the village of Qrendi at the top of the hill overlooking the sea and the Fifla islet . Another remarkable site, the Mnajdra Temple, is located at the bottom of the hill. Both of these temples are very ancient. Experts believe their period of foundation to date between 3600 – 3200 BC. UNESCO even recognizes Ħaġar Qim as a World Heritage Site.

Every summer on June 20th and 21st, during the summer solstice, lots of tourists come to this destination to see the sunrise, when the sun’s rays pass through the elliptical hole and illuminate a stone slab inside the chamber. Sunrise on the first day of each season underlines the relationship between the temples and celestial bodies. Summer Solstice can be witnessed from either the Hagar Qim Temples or from the Mnajdra Temples in Malta. It's really a magical phenomenon!

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When is the best time to visit Temples of Hagar Qim to witness the summer solstice?

Observing the summer solstice while the sun's rays pass through the elliptical hole at the Temples of Hagar Qim is an unforgettable event. It takes place annually on June 20th and 21st, making these two days the best time to visit the ancient temple. This phenomenon illuminates a stone slab inside the chamber, leaving behind a magical experience for visitors who admire the roots of ancient civilizations. Show more

Where can I witness the summer solstice in Malta?

Mnajdra Temples provide visitors with the opportunity to witness the summer solstice in addition to the Temples of Hagar Qim. The sunlight highlights significant locations within the complex for both the South Temple & Main Temple. While both of the temples present a unique experience, Malta has more to offer. This includes Valletta, the capital city, the Blue Lagoon, and the coastline that displays Malta's natural serenity. Show more

What other ancient temples can be found in Malta?

Other ancient temples located in Malta include the Tarxien Temples, the Hal Saflieni Hypogeum, and the Ggantija Temples in Gozo. These UNESCO heritage sites, similar to the Temples of Hagar Qim and Mnajdra, showcase the impressive architectural and artistic skills of ancient Maltese craftsmen. They are evidence of the advanced civilization that thrived thousands of years ago. Show more

How can I get to Temples of Hagar Qim from Qrendi village?

Travel by bus, obtainable from Qrendi village and the Valletta bus terminus, is the easiest way to reach the Temples of Hagar Qim, taking approximately 15-20 minutes. Alternatively, visitors can opt for a taxi from Qrendi, taking 5-10 minutes to arrive at their destination. In either case, this journey is an opportunity to explore Malta's ancient landmarks and experience its culture. Show more

What is the significance of the summer solstice for the Temples of Hagar Qim?

Hagar Qim's temples were designed to align with the solstices and equinoxes, with the summer solstice being especially significant. The sunlight penetrating the elliptical hole illuminates a designated ritual spot where one imagines ceremonies occurred that relate to the temple's use. Through the solstice occurrence, visitors can learn about the temple's relationship with the cosmos and the significance of astronomical observations in the construction of ancient Maltese temples. Show more

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