Best time to travel to Chicago


This remarkable urban scene happens twice a year!

Chicagohenge in Chicago 2019 - Best Time
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The phenomenon of the setting sun between the two skyscrapers, also known as Chicagohenge, happens twice a year during the spring and autumn equinoxes. The dates might differ slightly every year, so it is important to follow the news. Photographers say that the visual effect happens ±3 days around the equinox dates.

Autumn equinox 2019
Autumn equinox

One of the best spots to check out this occurrence is between the Kinzie and Madison streets! If you are not sure about the exact location and time, we recommend following #Chicagohenge on Twitter.

Autumn equinox 2019
Autumn equinox
Spring equinox 2019
Spring equinox

In case you are curious about other sunrise and sunset experiences, check out Manhattanhenge in New York and, obviously, the famous sunrise in Stonehenge, England.