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Best time of year to visit Sicily

The best time to visit Sicily is the period from spring to early summer. During this season the rates are still not so high, and the weather is pleasant, no matter what you choose—lazing on a beach, walking around Etna or sightseeing. With the beginning of summer season, crowds of tourists arrive, but the weather is gorgeous, and you can celebrate the Festino di Santa Rosalia in July.
September through October is another crowded season on the island when the sea remains warm, and the temperatures are ideal for sightseeing or admiring the Feast of Archangel Michael. Chilly wintertime is entirely for foodies–Ragusano cheese or sea urchins are there for you.


Beach Season

May–early November  • activity

The warm Sicilian climate offers warmth up to seven months a year!

A Walk around Mount Etna

March–August • activity

For over half a million years mount Etna has been in a state of continuous eruption

Ragusano Cheese

November–May  • food

One of the most famous Sicilian cow milk cheeses, Ragusano is usually seven months aged


late May • food

Granita - perfect frozen dessert to save you from the summer heat

La Mattanza

May–June  • activity

The tuna fishing is a traditional activity for Sicily, that is considered sustainable and humane

Strawberry Season

May–June • activity

Don't miss the chance to try the best Italian wild strawberries

Scala dei Turchi

May–September • activity

The large chalk cliff is a UNESCO World Heritage Site


La Sciuta di San Sebastiano

August 10 • event

The celebration of San Sebastiano in Sicily can easily top every patron saint festival in the whole Italy

Saint Agata Festival

February 03–February 05 • event

The celebration of the Catania ma​​rtyr is one of the central events in this region of Sicily

The Feast of Archangel Michael

September 28–September 29 • event

The celebration in honour of St. Michael offers spectacular events and fireworks

Sicilian Blood Oranges

January–April  • food

The oranges with the red juice and sweet distinctive taste are the fruity pride of Sicily

Festino di Santa Rosalia

July 14–July 16 • event

The patron saint of Palermo who once saved the city is honoured by a grandiose celebration

Rolex Middle Sea Race

October 16–27, 2018 • event

One of the most spectacular events on the yachting calendar is fought out against a stunning backdrop of dramatic, ever-changing Mediterranean landscapes!

Acireale Carnival

February 23–March 05, 2019 • event

Sicily is known for its celebrations of carnival, but the celebrations in Acireale are considered to be truly remarkable

Sea Urchins

mid-November–late April • food

Sea urchins, also known as sea hedgehogs, are a cool weather delicacy

Snails or Babbaluci

mid-July • food

Sicilian festina is not complete without snacking on baby snails cooked with garlic and herbs

Bronte Pistachio Season

late August–early October • food

When visiting Sicily, don't miss the opportunity to try "green gold"—pistachios

The Dance of the Devils in Prizzi

March 26–April 01, 2018 • event

The unique and grotesque Easter celebration in Sicily is carried out in a little town Prizzi

Sicilian Chestnuts

October–March  • food

Days can be still warm in October, but night are getting colder, which means the beginning chestnut season!

Grape Harvest

August – November  • food

Sicilian wines are famous for their distinctive strong taste


March 19 • food

The small doughnuts are a special treat on St. Joseph's day

Сassatelle of St Agata

February 03–February 05 | August 17 • food

Delicious cakes that resemble St Agata's breasts are a special treat of the festival