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Festino di Santa Rosalia 2023

The patron saint of Palermo who once saved the city is honoured by a grandiose celebration

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The celebration of Santa Rosalia or Festino is one of the major religious holidays in Sicily. The saint who is also called La Santuzza or Rusalia is honoured for saving Palermo from the plague. When the city got hit by the disease, the saint appeared in a dream to one of its residents, asking him to find her remains and take them around the city. This way Palermo was saved, and since 1624 Santa Rosalia's reli​cs are solemnly paraded every year through the city center in the middle of July. The figure of the saint is put on triumphal float decorated with gold, silver and flowers. Thousands of people follow the procession or watch it from their balconies throwing confetti. You will never see more merriment, singing and dancing on the streets of Palermo.

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