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Fiesta de la Cruz 2023

Instead of oppressive sadness, the cross and crucifixion​ is commemorated through vivid costumed dances


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The main allurement of this festival is folkloric dancing: costumed Bolivians set into lines moving leisurely but still rhythmically through the streets to the sounds of numerous trumpets, drums, and whistles, and meanwhile they also sing. The spectacle is truly hypnotizing for spectators. Wondering what is actually going on? Bolivians commemorate the cross that Christ was crucified on without any sorrow which is more typical for similar occasions, but rather with joy. One of the most popular places to witness the day to night celebration festival takes place in in the village of Copacabana located not far from Titikaka Lake and Bolivia's capital city. Similar celebrations can be found in La Paz itself, in the city of Santa Cruz, and in Vallengrande. The time of celebration is traditionally early May.

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