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The Feast of Archangel Michael 2024

The celebration in honour of St. Michael offers spectacular events and fireworks

Dates: September 28–September 29

The Feast of Archangel Michael
The Feast of Archangel Michael
The Feast of Archangel Michael
The Feast of Archangel Michael

Festa di San Michele, or The Feast of Archangel Michael, is a revered tradition in Caltanissetta, Sicily, honoring the patron saint of the city. Celebrated annually on September 29th, this Christian festival is observed with great reverence. Lasting for a week, the festivities are marked by solemn masses and devout songs, paying homage to the beloved patron saint.

The Procession

During the festival, the seventeenth-century statue of the saint embarks on a solemn procession through the main streets of San Michele in the province of Caltanissetta. The eve of the feast, on September 28th, sees the unveiling of the revered statue, greeted by cheering crowds as it traverses the village streets. The procession, led by barefoot faithful and accompanied by children dressed as the saints, winds through the historic narrow streets of the city center. Along the route, traditional songs such as “E gridammu tutti” and “W lu principi San Micheli Arcangiulu” fill the air. The culmination of the procession occurs at the cathedral, where the saint stops at the main portal, gazes upon the square, and is honored with traditional fireworks before being placed in the Mother Church for veneration.

The Feast Day

On the saint's feast day, the focus shifts to liturgical ceremonies. On Sunday, the celebration continues with children launching hot air balloons, followed by a spectacular display of colorful fireworks lighting up the sky.

History of The Feast of Archangel Michael

Stefano Li Volsi, a Sicilian sculptor and artist, crafted a wooden statue in 1550 to honor the patron saint of Caltanissetta, the Archangel Michael. This exquisite creation now rests within the confines of the Mother Church in the historic downtown center. In Christian angelology, particularly within certain traditions, the Archangel Michael holds a position of utmost reverence. He is revered as the greatest among all angels, lauded for his pivotal role in defeating the devil during the celestial conflict known as the war in heaven.

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