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Les Pleureuses or the Mourners 2023

The town of Romont is home to an unusual Easter tradition


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This tradition is part of the Hallstatt culture heritage. The town of Romont is situated in the Glane district of Fribourg and is one of the Roman Catholic villages in Switzerland. On Good Friday, ​they hold an unusual procession called "Les Pleureuses" (women mourners). The ceremony begins with the priest reading the Passion of Christ in a local church. Afterwards the funeral procession walks through the streets of the upper town.

The mourners march and chant dressed completely in black. They wear full, non-transparent veils. A young girl dressed as Virgin Mary walks behind the large crucifix carried by a man in a black hood. The mourners carry thorns, nails, a hammer, and other symbols on red pillows. The tradition dates back to the 15th century, being one of the oldest inthe region.

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