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Eis-zwei-Geissebei (Sausage Tossing) 2024

An old pre-Carnival tradition from Rapperswil, near Lake Zurich

Dates: February 13, 2024

Eis-zwei-Geissebei (Sausage Tossing)
Eis-zwei-Geissebei (Sausage Tossing)

Every year at 3:15 pm on Fat Tuesday hundreds of children gather in front of Rapperswil’s city hall. The town's mayor’s has to ask: “Are all my boys here?” The kids reply: “One, two, goat leg!” Then the mayor and council members throw sausages, sweets, and pastries into the crowd. The origin of this custom goes back to the Middle Ages, when during the siege people gave food to hungry children.

Fasnacht Rapperswil (February 2–13, 2024)

You must know that the extraordinary ceremony of sausage tossing is only a queer and most amusing part of the large Carnival festival, which actually culminates on Shrove Tuesday. On this vibrant day, the streets of the town pulsate with parades. So, brace yourself for chords of folks, draped in the most fancy garments imaginable. In fact, Fasnacht Rapperswil spans nearly two weeks preceeding Fasnacht Tuesday, so coming earlier is a great idea if you are hungering for more spectacles and festivities.

You can get more information on the schedule and stay tuned for updates on Fasnacht Rapperswil's website, attached in the External Resources below. Besides, you'd love to have your accommodations booked beforehand since rooms evaporate during this festive season.

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