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Bern Christmas Markets 2022

UNESCO-listed Old City looks stunning during Christmas holidays


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Dating back to the 12th century, the medieval Old Town in the capital of Switzerland is an excellent destination for the holidays. Bern's ancient streets become a perfect setting for cozy Christmas markets, spreading holiday cheer throughout the entire city. The Old Town, with its Clock Tower, fountains, and cozy squares, is decorated beautifully for the Christmas season. The main attraction is the central Cathedral Square (Berner Münsterplatz), which hosts the most famous Christmas market in Bern.

Bern Minster Market

Berner Münster Weihnachtsmarkt is the largest Christmas Market in Bern. The market, which is located by the Gothic Cathedral, dating back to 1421, boasts a cheerful Advent atmosphere. Wooden chalets offer a wide variety of crafts and seasonal treats. On the first and third Advent weekends, local artisans offer their own unique crafts here. The market, which has been taking place since 1984, is an excellent place for holiday shopping or a leisurely stroll.

Orphanage Square Market

The Christmas market on Waisenhausplatz (Orphanage Square) features about 50 wooden chalets offering gifts, local produce, and souvenirs. There's a wide range of holiday foods to choose from as well as sweets, pastries, and various entertainment.

Bern Starsmarket

Starsmarket is the newest Christmas market in the city. It's located in Kleine Schanzby Park, near the Bern railway station. Starsmarket features over 80 chalets with handmade gifts and souvenirs as well as international foods from all over the world. The market also boasts space for small suppliers and local designers.

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