Best time to go to Machu Picchu and Cusco

Cusco Carnival 2024 in Machu Picchu and Cusco

For those who like crowded and chaotic places with music, dance and other interesting activities, the right time to visit Peru is during the Carnival

Dates: March 3, 2024

Cusco Carnival
Cusco Carnival

The Cusco Carnival is a colorful celebration of traditions and culture that unites both locals and visitors. This annual celebration, which usually takes place in February or March, during the pre-Lenten season, is a vibrant prelude to Peru's major funfair events. A distinctive and attractive environment for the carnival is created by the magnificent backdrop of Machu Picchu–an ancient city, tucked away in the Andes mountains. So, let's see what you should expect!

What's in for you

During the carnival, the streets of Cusco come alive with music, dance, and extravagant parades. A rich cultural heritage of the region is showcased by dancers, who wear vivid costumes and perform elaborate moves to the tunes of traditional Andean music. There is also a spiritual element: you'll witness ceremonies and rituals that pay homage to the Andean deities.

Feel the vibe

Immersing themselves in the vibrant atmosphere, visitors are welcome to enjoy the carnival's splendor and learn about the indigenous customs, upheld in this historic area for generations. In addition to being a celebration of happiness and solidarity, Machu Picchu's Cusco Carnival shows how well the indigenous cultures withstand the impact of modernity.

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