Best time to visit Machu Picchu and Cusco

Cacao Harvest Season in Machu Picchu and Cusco

Enjoy the process of making one of the sweetest things in the world - from cacao beans to chocolate

Best time: April–August

Cacao Harvest Season
Cacao Harvest Season

You might've have heard and even tasted famous chocolates from Switzerland and Belgium, but what about Peruvian sweetness? April through August is a period of cacao growing and harvesting in Peru. In Cuscos' Chocó Museum (or simply, ChocoMuseo) you will have an opportunity to see different kinds of chocolate, and the factory that features the museum will show you how the chocolate and other cacao products are made. The best thing is they even let you try some of the most delicious samples!

Practical info

When is the best time to visit Machu Picchu and Cusco for cacao harvesting?

The cacao harvest begins in April and ends in August, making this the best time to visit Machu Picchu and Cusco. Not only can visitors witness how the cacao is grown and harvested, but the beginning of the dry season offers optimal weather conditions for exploration. This time also coincides with the cacao festival in Peru, which celebrates the importance of cacao to the country's history and culture. Show more

Where can I experience cacao harvesting and making process in Peru?

The Chocó Museum in Cusco provides an excellent opportunity to experience cacao harvesting and processing. The museum offers tours that take visitors through the manufacturing process, from the bean to the delicious end products, like chocolate and liquor. Participants can even taste the chocolate while learning about its history and cultural significance. This is a must-visit museum for any chocolate enthusiast. Show more

What kind of cacao products can I expect to find in the Chocó Museum?

The Chocó Museum in Cusco is a must-stop for any chocolate lover as it offers various kinds of cacao products. The museum houses a wide range of plain and flavored chocolates, coffee, and cacao-based desserts like ice cream and hot chocolate. They also have chocolate liquor, a perfect souvenir to take home to remember the experience. There is truly something for everyone at the Chocó Museum. Show more

How long does the tour of the Chocó Museum usually last?

Visitors can take part in a one to two-hour tour of the Chocó Museum in Cusco, exploring the different cacao manufacturing processes. Furthermore, they can join the workshops and spend additional two to three hours learning how to make chocolate bars. The duration and cost of the tour and workshops vary, depending on the package selected, and all chocolate lovers are welcome to experience this fascinating industry in Peru. Show more

Are there any other chocolate-related activities available in Cusco besides visiting Chocó Museum?

Visitors can participate in other chocolate-related activities in Cusco, such as making traditional hot chocolate and chocolate painting, after visiting the Chocó Museum. Beyond this, visitors can purchase artisanal candies and truffles from local shops and cafes or attend chocolate festivals, where they can learn even more about chocolate-making in Peru. Thus, one can extend the cacao experience beyond the Chocó Museum on a visit to Cusco. Show more

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