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Every year, the Dominican Republic exports over 70,000 tonnes of cacao. These beans are later transformed into chocolate, hot cacao drinks, and even wine around the world. But tasting these gourmet sweets in their homeland can’t be beaten.

Cacao beans grow on tall trees that are usually surrounded by other fruit trees, which influence its bitterness. On average, one tree can produce over 150 beans which are fermented, dried, and turned into a powder. Famous Dominican cocoa can be either fermented (Hispaniola) or unfermented (Sánchez). Both types are internationally recognized and distributed worldwide.

The harvesting season is year-round, so it's impossible to miss it. The beans are collected as soon as they are the right size and color. Family farms in the municipality of Guananico offer guider tours, machete peeling workshops, and even cosmetic procedures with cocoa butter. You can also buy chocolate goodies in the shop or enjoy a cup of a freshly made cacao drink.

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