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Procigar 2024 in Dominican Republic

Learn the tobacco rolling craft in cigars capital of the world

Dates: February 18-23, 2024

La Aurora factory at the Leon Jimenez Cultural Center in Santiago
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Fertile soil and tropical climate made the Dominican Republic a perfect spot for tobacco growing. Since the 16th century, it has been one of the top industries that the country is proud of and recognized by. Nowadays, the Dominican Republic holds the title of the world’s largest cigar producer. So it's impossible to understand the Dominican culture without its cigars.

Indigenous people, The Tainos, cultivated tobacco on these lands for centuries. The process of creating an aromatic and flavourful cigar depends on many factors like sunlight, heat, drainage, and even hurricanes, which are possible here. That's why, just like wine, cigars vary in their blend, aging, and spiciness.

Although cigars are available all year long, the countries major festival, Procigar, gathers all brands under one roof. Since 1992 festival presents awarded winning manufacturers who distribute their products to over 60 countries around the globe. Among best sellers Davidoff, General Cigar Company, Arturo Fuente Cigars, Tabacalera La Alianza etc. Tastings, presentations, and workshops last for a whole week. The festival is usually held in February. It starts in La Romana at Tabacalera de García and then moves west to Santiago, home to its tobacco factories and farms.

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