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Velá de Santiago y Santa Ana 2023

Spain has many crazy customs, witness one of them and try it during the Triana festivities

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Triana was always a special part of Seville due to its history and culture. The most famous and colorful festivity of this district is the Velá de Santa Ana. It started in the 17th century and remains popular to this day. Celebrations start on July 21 on Santa Ana and last until July 26 right after the Santiago day. Passionate dances, music, and specialties of the popular Sevillian cuisine await visitors here.

Probably most interesting part is the tradition of “la Cucaña”. This competition requires participants to walk along a boat’s bow covered with grease in order to catch the little flag placed on the very top of it. If you can do it, you win and take a price, if not—well, you get wet.

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