Best time to travel to Seville

Orange Blossom (Azahar) in Seville

See beautiful Seville when it's adorned with orange blossom and when aroma permeates the air

Best time: late February–early March

Orange Blossom (Azahar)
Orange Blossom (Azahar)

Seville is especially beautiful when its streets are covered with orange blossom. It’s a great time to explore the hidden squares of an ancient city. The oranges were brought to Spain by the Moors in the 10th century and still are one of the popular trees in the city.

However, oranges are not just for the sight of beauty. They are here for making wine, perfume, sweets, and well-known Seville marmalade. On the official count, there are 31,306 orange trees producing over 4 million kilos of oranges. So don't miss a chance to observe and try this unique delight.

Sevilla's orange trees usually blossom for about three weeks in late February and early March, offering residents and visitors a true spectacle for the senses.

Practical info

When is the best time to view orange blossoms in Seville?

Seville's intoxicating orange blossoms can be best viewed from late February to early March when the trees are in full bloom, and the sweet fragrance is at its peak. At this time, the lush greenery and delicate white flowers offer picturesque views, perfect for wandering or indulging in photography. Show more

What are some of the most popular places to view orange blossoms in Seville?

Orange blossom spots that are worth checking in Seville include the courtyards of the various palaces, the Plaza de los Refinadores, and the Maria Luisa Park, where most of the city's orange trees are situated. The promenade along Guadalquivir river provides a breathtaking view of the orange blossoms along with the magnificent waterway. Show more

How did oranges become a popular fruit in Seville?

In the 10th century, the Moors introduced the orange tree to Spanish land. Oranges soon became an important crop, and as a consequence, they became a sign of wealth, status, and prosperity among Seville's wealthy families. Cultivating orange trees added to the city's beauty, contributed to the city's commerce, societal and cultural beliefs, customs, and tradition. Show more

What are some products or dishes made from oranges in Seville?

Marmalade made from Seville's oranges is a famous dish of the land. Other traditional dishes, such as arroz con naranja (orange rice) and cod with orange Sevilla-style, are worth a try. Baked goods and orange-infused wines are also among the use cases of this exquisite fruit - orange! Do not miss the chance to indulge in these delicacies while in the city. Show more

What else is there to explore in Seville during late February-early March, besides orange blossoms?

Seville has many stunning and awe-inspiring cultural events alongside its mesmerizing orange blossoms. During late February- early March, Seville hosts several events such as the Carnival of Seville, Antiquarian Book Fair, Flamenco Festival, and marathon, making it an ideal destination for all tourists. Seville Cathedral, Real Alcazar, Metropol Parasol, and the Museum of Fine Arts are year-round attractions that entice visitors. Show more

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